Xsan 2 Migration Guide - Step 6:  Reestablish Open Directory replicas

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Step 6: Reestablish Open Directory replicas

If you don’t use Xsan Admin to manage your SAN users and groups, or if no SAN
computers are running Mac OS X v10.6, skip to the next step. If your controllers are
running Mac OS X Server v10.6 and you do use Xsan Admin to manage your SAN
users and groups, you now have an Open Directory master on your primary controller
(the first controller you upgraded in steps 3 and 4). However, you need to reestablish
replicas of that directory on your other controllers.

To recreate the directory replicas:
Open Xsan Admin on one of your controllers and select Computers in the SAN Assets


list. A dialog prompts you to recreate the replicas.
If you’re not asked to replicate the directory, check to see if you have upgraded all
controllers in the SAN to Xsan 2.2, and then try again. If the replication prompt still
doesn’t appear, you can select a controller in the Computers pane in Xsan Admin
and choose Make Open Directory Replica from the Action (gear) pop-up menu.

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Upgrading to Xsan 2.2