Xsan 2 Migration Guide - Step 3:  Connect at least two Intel-based computers to the SAN

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Step 3: Connect at least two Intel-based computers to the SAN

Connect at least two Intel-based Xserve or Mac Pro computers to the SAN’s Ethernet
and Fibre Channel networks. By connecting two new computers now, you guarantee
that you’ll have a standby controller available at all times during the upgrade.

If you have Intel-based clients on the SAN, you can change two of them to controllers.
If you don’t have enough Ethernet and Fibre Channel ports to connect all of the new
Intel-based computers, you can remove clients to free up ports or, after you set up
the first two Intel-based computers as working controllers, you can replace other
controllers one at a time.


Mac OS X Server is recommended for all SAN controllers and is required if

you use Xsan Admin to manage users and groups. If necessary, install Mac OS X Server
on any client you want to convert to a controller.

If you’re adding new computers or if you have just installed Mac OS X Server on them,
set them up as Xsan standby controllers when you’re prompted by the Setup Assistant.