Xsan 2 Migration Guide - Step 12:  Enable extended attributes

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Step 12: Enable extended attributes

If you have only Mac computers running Xsan 2.2 on your SAN, enable extended
attributes on your SAN volumes to improve volume performance and efficiency.


Enabling extended attributes can’t be undone.

To enable extended attributes:


Open Xsan Admin, and select Volumes in the SAN Assets list.


Select the volume, and choose Edit Volume Settings from the Action (gear) menu.


Click to select “Enable on this volume” next to Extended Attributes.

The time it takes to convert the volume to use extended attributes depends on
the number of files on the volume—it might take several hours for a large volume.
During this time, the volume is mounted only on the converting controller and can’t
be used by clients. The volume is mounted on clients and other controllers when the
conversion is finished.