Xsan 2 Migration Guide - Contents

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This guide shows you how to upgrade your Xsan 2 storage

area network (SAN) to Xsan 2.2.

Follow the instructions in this guide to upgrade an existing Xsan 2 SAN and its
volumes to Xsan 2.2 on Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server version 10.5 or 10.6.


For the latest migration information and troubleshooting tips, see the

Knowledge Base article at support.apple.com/kb/HT1127.

Before You Begin

Review the following information before you upgrade your SAN.

If You’re Not Running Xsan 2.0 or Later

This guide shows you how to upgrade from Xsan 2.0 or later. For help upgrading from
an earlier version of Xsan, see the Xsan 2 Migration Guide, Second Edition, available at

Volume Availability During Upgrade

The instructions in this guide show you how to upgrade your SAN’s metadata
controllers one at a time so that existing volumes remain available. As each controller
is upgraded, volumes it is hosting fail over to standby controllers. However, if you
enable extended attributes on a volume after upgrading to Xsan 2.2, the volume is not
mounted on clients until the conversion process finishes. This process can take hours,
depending on the number of files on the volume; the volume is not available during
this time.

Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server?

The Xsan file system, the Xsan Admin application, and the Xsan User Quotas
application run on both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. Unless otherwise indicated,
a statement in this guide about Mac OS X also applies to Mac OS X Server. However, if
you use Xsan Admin to manage SAN users and groups, you must run Mac OS X Server
on your metadata controllers to create the Open Directory master and its replicas.